Got Members?

The FLCPA is made of its canopy piloting members.   New competitors are not only welcome to join, but essential to the future of the league.  We are a group of canopy pilot enthusiasts who compete, train, and work to grow our discipline through our membership.   
For 2011 the League membership will be $85.

2010 FLCPA trophies

Membership funds go towards:

  • Course materials,
  • End of the season bbq & party
  • Season trophies for top 3 places.
  • FLCPA medals for each meet
  • Judging equipment
  • End of the season prizes, etc.
  • League T-Shirts

Why Join?:

  • Get a bad ass FLCPA T-Shirt
  • Members will have their individual meet points tallied over the course of the season for the overall standings.  After each meet league members can check out how their doing against other members.
  • Receive discounted registration to regular season meets
  • Receive discounted registration to any PRO only meets
  • compete for end of season trophies
  • be cool
  • The overall amateur league champion will have his name engraved on the FLCPA plaque of champions.  This plaque is housed in the lobby at Performance Designs and taken down each season for our banquet when we present the seasons winner. 
  • be eligible to win end of the season top prizes

2010 Medals and trophies

In 2009:  Micah Couch, the amateur first runner up had his jumps and registration cost covered at USPA Nationals.  Curt Bartholomew, the first place amateur had his entire trip paid for; flight, hotel, jumps, registration–All of it. 

In 2010: The top placing amateur Warren Cleary AND the top placing pro, Curt Bartholomew, had their jumps and registration paid at USPA Nationals 2010.


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