Competition education

EDUCATION AT THE FLCPA: Regular Season meets located at dropzones throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and beyond.  These meets are open to Pro and Amateur pilots alike.  The FLCPA fosters open education and a cooperative learning environment for all pilots in attendance.  Ask anyone who’s been to one of the meets and they’ll agree that the learning environment at our meets are second to none. 

Each FLCPA meet has a designated PRO pilot in attendance as a “coach’ for the meet.  This dedicated coach will be onsite discussing tips, techniques, and debriefing amateur pilots during the meet.  This instant feedback is a great asset to those competitors.  This coaching is covered in your meet registration.

If your interested in coaching during the days leading up to the meet, or having a designated coach for the meet, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help to help arrange someone with you.  Recent meet coaches include Jay Moledzki, Ian Bobo, and Shannon Pilcher of the PD factory team; and Kaz Sheekey, Scott Roberts and  Brian McNenney of team Slipstream

Brian McNenney Competition Seminar


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