FLCPA:  The Florida Canopy Piloting Association is made up of Pro and Amatuer level Canopy Pilots.  The league is designed to help educate, train and prepare canopy pilots for the Pro Level Events, as well as, national and world level canopy piloting competitions.

CLASSES: The FLCPA consists of two classes, a Rookie/Amateur class, and a Pro/Open Class. All pilots are considered Amateur unless they are issued pro qualification.  This can be done by: (A) Placing in the top 20% of the membership during the prior years FLCPA season.  (B) Pro’s from Abroad may be permitted to complete in the pro class by providing substantial evidence of qualifying competition experience in their country of origin at an international level. (C) Have experience that at the discretion of the league director qualifies the pilot to compete as a Pro Class Pilot. 

COMPETITIONS: Meets will consist of six rounds which feature speed, distance, and zone accuracy following current IPC/USPA rules. The FLCPA meets are the competition arena for all pilots wishing to gain competition experience and sharpen their canopy piloting skills. Pro class pilots are welcome and quite frequently compete at regular season FLCPA meets to hone their skills.  Competition results will be determined by total score from each event. The points system in place will be tallied for all FLCPA members. Non FLCPA members will not be eligible for League points tallying and overall placement within the league but are welcome to compete.  Unless specified otherwise, the FLCPA season begins January 1st of each year.

RULES: If you’re looking for the rules for the FLCPA, they are pretty easy to find.  We operate according to the current years IPC/USPA rules.  They can be found using the links below



COURSES: That ones pretty easy too! Follow the links(they’re above now) to the canopy piloting rules, within these rules are the course layouts and guidelines competition and each event

OVERALL LEAGUE STANDINGS:  The competitors place at each meet corrisponds to a # of performance points.  These places are calculated only against other FLCPA Members.  Nonmember competitors are removed from scoring prior to these calculations.  The overall league standings are calculated after each meet.  Performance points are added up from one meet to the next giving you a total # for the season.  At the end of the season the competitor with the highest # of performance points (after dropping their lowest placing meet) is declared that years champion and all members are ranked in order of points.  For those competitors who only attend 4 of the 5 meets, the missed meet acts as their dropped score.  The league director will be responsible for these calculations.  Performance points will be awarded for the places at each meet according to the scale below:

Rank Points
1 100.0
2 98.5
3 96.9
4 95.2
5 93.4
6 91.5
7 89.5
8 87.4
9 85.2
10 82.9
11 80.5
12 78.0
13 75.4
14 72.7
15 69.9
16 67.0
17 64.0
18 61.0
19 58.0
20 55.0
21 52.0
22 49.0
23 46.0
24 43.0
25 40.0
26 37.0

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