PD BBP Swooper: Nick Batsch

Individual Name:   Nick Batsch

Team: Alter Ego

Country:  USA

Home DZ:  Mile Hi Skydiving

Main Canopy: JVX(various sizes)

Approach and direction: 810 and 450 left turn

Exit weight:  165 (including gear and without weight)

# of jumps:4400

Competition Highlights:

*Current 3 time distance world record holder, Mile Hi Colorado 152 meters 2007, Pretoria South Africa 169.610m 2008, Johannesburg South Africa 181.90m 2009

*Silver Medalist World Championships 2008 & 2010

*Silver Medalist Wolrd Games 2009

*World Cup Champion of Speed 2009

*World Champion of Distance 2008

*Two time US National Champion 2008, 2009

*2 time Pro Swooping Tour Champion 2007, 2008

Sponsors: NZ Aerosports, Mirage Systems, Liquid Sky, Cypress, Jammin Apparel, Alti-2, Madison House Publicity 

Other Hobbies/Funfacts: I love to Speedfly, ground launch, snowboard, rock climb, yoga, having a blast while traveling the world chasing canopy competitions year after year.


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