PD BBP Interview: Greg Windmiller

As the current world record holder in speed, Greg will be looking to break his own record, and fend off any other competitors who may look to take his title at this years PD Big Boy Pants.  He’s a mythotical powerhouse when it comes to swooping and certainly a contender for the top place at every competition he attends.     


Individual Name: Greg Windmiller

Team: Golden Knights

Country: USA

Home DZ: Laurinburg NC / Raeford NC

Main Canopy/Color: Comp Velocity 84/96/103 Black and Gold

Approach and direction: Left 450

Exit weight: 245 (including gear and without weight)

# of jumps: 11,350

Competition Highlights:

US Canopy Piloting Team 2008-2010

2008 CPC Championships Overall Meet Champion

2008 World Championships overall Bronze

2008 World record in Speed 2.333

2009 FLCPA Overall League-Champion

2009USNationals Speed-Gold

2009 World Cup Speed-Silver

2009 World record in Speed 2.093

2010 US Nationals Distance-Bronze Overall-Silver Speed-Gold

2010 World Championships Speed Bronze

2011 Gulf Cup Distance-Gold Overall country-Gold

2011 FLCPA Overall League-Silver


Other Hobbies/Funfacts:Fishing and Family


One response to “PD BBP Interview: Greg Windmiller

  1. Greg makes me proud to call him my lil brother he is awsome at what he does and loves what he does he has his family suport backing him 100% go get em SWOOPERMAN

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