PD Big Boy Pants Day One

The first official day of competition has completed and what a day it was.  Competitors did 8 jumps(4 speed, 4 distance)  All the rounds were done in a downwind or quartering tail wind from 0.0-6.7meters per second.

In the Speed runs, Greg Windmiller’s 2009 speed record of 2.093 second was challenged by Jonathan Tagle and Nick Batsch with times of 2.096 and 2.095 respectively.  But no one has been able to beat the speed record yet.

In the distance runs, round 1 saw the record broke twice!!!   Jonathan Tagle first broke the 2009 record with a distance of 195.65. Nick Batsch then took his record back with a new record of 222.45 meters!!!

There were plenty of rough landings and a few high speed skips off the water.  The scores have just been updated here. and the days photos can be found here

Stay tuned through the weekend if you’d like to watch the event live.  Many folks enjoyed watching the live stream direct from the judges scoring booth.  You could even hear the speed times confirmed in real time.

We’ll be back in the air at 9:00am Mountain time for more action!!!


PD Big Boy Pants- day before practice day

The official practice day for the PD BBP starts tomorrow.  The distance courses are up in both directions, and the speed course is up as well.  there were 9-10 competitors practicing today.  I’ve been running meets and competing for about 6-7 years now and can honestly say this is the fastest I’ve ever seen canopies fly in my entire life.  The question isn’t if the world records will be broken, its by how much they’ll be demolished. 

The record of 181 meters was marked at the end of the day this evening with the FLCPA and Blue Skies Magazine windblades.  The sand marks from landings were all around the 181 meter mark, and most competitors are still simply familiarizing with the dz and the altitude

With the density altitude breaking 8,000 ft today the speed course practice runs were blisteringly fast.  Generating speed wasn’t the challenge for most out to practice today, but negotiating the 75 degree carve at these tremendous speeds was a greater challenge.

Looking forward to tomorrow….

PD BBP Swooper: Ryan Brownlow

Individual Name: Ryan Brownlow
Country: USA
Home DZ: Bay Area Skydiving-Byron, CA
Main Canopy/Color: Velocity-Orange
Approach and direction: right or left 450
Exit weight: 187 lbs (including gear and without weight)
# of jumps: 700+
Competition Highlights: 2nd place speed US Nationals 2010
Sponsors: Sure, I’d like some
Other Hobbies/Funfacts: Scuba, Graphic Design.

PD BBP Swooper: Jay Moledzki

Individual Name:Jay Moledzki

Team: PDFT


Home DZ:Deland

Main Canopy/Color: Comp Velocity Blue/White/Grey

Approach and direction: 450 right

Exit weight: 215 (including gear and without weight)

# of jumps:11,500

Competition Highlights: a few…

6 consecutive World Titles

8 official World Records

over 50 Career Gold medals

Sponsors: PD, Sunpath, Cypres, Alti-2, Liquid Sky,PhoenixFly, CR, Asylum

PD BBP Swooper: Sergey Fedotov

From the motherland of Russia, Sergey has been making a name for himself in the FLCPA by climbing his way to the top of the Amateur ranks this season and earning his pro classification.

Individual Name: Sergey Fedotov

Country: Russia

Home DZ: Ranch

Main Canopy/Color: scirocco 82/grey-orange

Approach and direction: 450 right

Exit weight: 205 (including gear and without weight)

# of jumps: 3500

PD BBP Swooper: Tommy Dellibac

Individual Name: Thomas Dellibac

Team: PD Factory Team

Country:  USA

Home DZ:  ZHills

Main Canopy/Color: 84,103 CompVelocity__PDFactoryTeam Blue

Approach and direction: Right 450

Exit weight: 245 –  220

# of jumps: 11,000+

Competition Highlights:

 2006 Southeast Reginoal Champion.

 2010 US National Zone Acc Champion

5th overall US Nationals 2010

Sponsors: PD, Flight-1, Sunpath, Liquid Sky, Alti-2, Skysystems