Regular season ends with the Farm meet

This years season ender was nothing short of spectacular.  There were already 15+ competitors that had arrived at Skydive the Farm in Rockmart Georgia by Thursday and were practicing and preparing the weekend’s event.  A total of 29 competitors had arrived by Saturday morning.  Qatar, Spain, France, California, Texas, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois were all represented (and of course Georgia and Florida had a few participants as well;-)  Tommy Delibac from the PD Factory Team was on hand as the meet coach and was seen giving out tips and tricks to all the competitors throughout the day.

The conditions of the weekend were nothing short of perfect.  Zero to two mph winds and sunny skies were proof that Skygod certainly wanted this meet to be a great one.  Records certainly weren’t in short supply at this meet.  During the Saturday morning practice round Greg Windmiller from the US Army Golden Knights smoked through the course in a Georgia state record time of 2.621 seconds.  This toppled Hans Paulsen’s 2.909 second record set in 2009.  The distance event saw Ian Drennan’s 2009 record of 119.02 meters crushed as well.  Local Farm Animal Warren Cleary cruised down the distance course to 143.61 meters setting a new Georgia state distance record.  The folks from Mirage Systems came out to show off their containers, provided free drinks for the judges/competitors, and made a much appreciated contribution to raise the prize purse. 

The end of the meet brought the Bronze to US Army Golden Knight Greg Windmiller.  The Silver went to Pablo Hernandez from the PD Factory Team.  Top honors at this final meet of the 2011 season went to Nick Batsch. 

Farm meet results

Farm meet photos

In usual fashion, the season was closed with our traditional end of the year BBQ.  Our two “most improved” awards went to Jeannie Anderson from Deland and Gage Galle from Hawaii.
The competition was fierce this year in the amateur class.  Gage Galle, Sergei Fedotov from New York, and Bart Rogowski from Southern California earned their Pro classification for their spectacular performance over the course of this season.

Season Overall results

As done each year the FLCPA covers entry to USPA Nationals for the top placing pro and top placing amateur competitor.  This year that competition certainly came down to the wire in both classes.  For the pro class, Nick Batsch inched out Greg Windmiller by three points for that prize.  And in the amateur class Bart Rogowski overtook Sergei Fedotov at the final meet to win by 5.6 points. 

This seasons’ successful completion wouldn’t have been possible without the support of so many. Big thanks to the dz owners/operators who have welcomed us wherever we’ve gone and the manifest folks who have worked to keep us in the air.  Without the support of Performance Designs who’s provided our course markers, logistical support, and given me the ability to run the league, much of how we get things would not be possible.  And last but not least, our judges; they’re second to none, anywhere in the world, period.
Next on the books is the PD Big Boy Pants World Record event in Longmont Colorado July 28-31 where the worlds best will be assembled to crush the FAI world records.  Its sure to be a great meet so keep your eyes on this site for more details.
Planning for the 2012 FLCPA season is well underway.  The season will most likely begin in January 2012.


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