Who will win the 2011 season?

Four of the five meets are now complete and the competition for the overall standings has been tough this season.  On the pro side, Nick Batsch and Greg Windmiller are neck and neck for the top spot.  Greg has a gold and two silvers while Nick has two golds and one silver. That means it all comes down to this last meet!  Curt Bartholomew and Warren Cleary are only 3 points apart and about 10 points behind Greg and Nick.  Curt and Warren will be fighting it out for the third place trophy at the Farm. 

On the Amateur Side, Sergei Fedotov from the Ranch is leading the pack with a 10 point lead on Bart Ragowski from California.  Gage Galle, Miki Baranowski, and Brandon Coats are all nipping at their heels.  These guys are all fighting to be in the top % of the amateur class and move up to the pro class next season.  The top placing Amateur will also receive an invitation to the PD Big Boy Pants event at Mile-Hi in July.

Here’s the full score sheet

Don’t forget, the top Pro and top Amateur will have their jumps and registration paid by the FLCPA at this years USPA Nationals in Spaceland Texas

The fifth and final meet of the season will be at Skydive the Farm on June 11-12, 2011.  In usual fashion, we’ll have our end of the season BBQ and awards ceremony.  Look forward to seeing you there!


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