PD BBP Swooper: Pablo Hernandez

If there was a record for being the nicest, selfless competitor on the circuit, our next competitor would hold it.  Some have even call him a “teddybear”.  But watching him swoop you’d never come up with a nickname like that.  When competing, he’s aggressive, fast, and shows no mercy.  He typically lets out a roar during the end of his turn and his canopy screams through the gates faster than many thought possible.  He’s sure to set a few new records for Spain, most likely Europe, and certainly a top contender for the world records as well. 

Name: Pablo Hernandez

Team: PD Factory Team

Country:  Spain

Home DZ:  Lillo

Main Canopy/Color:  Comp Velocity 79 PDFT blue

Approach and direction:  630 right

Exit weight:  220 (including gear and without weight)

# of jumps:  10,500

Competition Highlights:  Bronze medal European championships 2005, speed event gold medal world championships 2008, bronze medal overall world cup 2009

 Sponsors:  Performance Designs, Sunpath products, Skydive Lillo, Liquid sky, Alti-2, Skysystems.

 Other Hobbies/Funfacts: Love to go low and hard!!!


One response to “PD BBP Swooper: Pablo Hernandez

  1. eres en gran ejemplo de responsabilidad y trabajo en este mundo del paracadismo, continúa así y gracias por todo lo que nos aportas, pacopesky

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