2011 Series is heating up!

After three meets have been completed, the race for the top spots on the 2011 series is getting closer.  After meet #2 in Z-Hills, Nick Batsch decided to join the league and entered the race for the overall top spot.  He and Greg Windmiller are neck and neck for the top spot.  Since Nick missed meet #1, He’ll have to put up strong scores for the last two meets, no mistakes if he wants to win one of the trophies this year.  Nipping on their heels are Curt Bartholomew and Warren Cleary.  Any little slip ups, and one of these two are ready to slide up into one of the top two spots.

In the Amateur class, Sergei Fedotov has got the lead, but Brandon Coates and Miki Baranowski are looking to make up any points they can with hopes of moving into the #1 amateur slot and winning their “free ride” to the USPA Nationals and an invite to the PD Big Boy Pants event in July.

Check out the complete league standings here.


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