PD BBP Swooper: Jessica Edgeington

Over the next three months we’ll be presenting the participants of this years PD Big Boy Pants World Record breaking event.  Our first has been performing at the top of the pro canopy piloting ranks for a number of years.  She is one of the few women who will be competing at this years PD Big Boy Pants and she’ll certainly give the guys a run for their money.  She’s a current member of the US National Canopy Piloting team and a force to be reckoned with.

Name:  Jessica Edgeington

Team: PD Factory Team

Country:  USA

Home DZ:  ?

Main Canopy:  Comp Velocity 71

Approach and direction:  Left 450

Exit weight:  155 lbs. (including gear and without weight)

# of jumps:  5000

Competition Highlights:  10th Place 2010 Canopy Piloting Nationals

Sponsors:  Performance Designs, Sunpath, Alti 2, Airtec, Liquid Sky, Sky Systems



PD Big Boy Pants roster

Starting next week we’ll begin announcing confirmed participants for the PD Big Boy Pants World Record event.  The total # of invitee’s for this event has been limited to allow those in attendance the best opportunity and maximum amount of runs on the record courses.  Did you get an invite?

2011 Series is heating up!

After three meets have been completed, the race for the top spots on the 2011 series is getting closer.  After meet #2 in Z-Hills, Nick Batsch decided to join the league and entered the race for the overall top spot.  He and Greg Windmiller are neck and neck for the top spot.  Since Nick missed meet #1, He’ll have to put up strong scores for the last two meets, no mistakes if he wants to win one of the trophies this year.  Nipping on their heels are Curt Bartholomew and Warren Cleary.  Any little slip ups, and one of these two are ready to slide up into one of the top two spots.

In the Amateur class, Sergei Fedotov has got the lead, but Brandon Coates and Miki Baranowski are looking to make up any points they can with hopes of moving into the #1 amateur slot and winning their “free ride” to the USPA Nationals and an invite to the PD Big Boy Pants event in July.

Check out the complete league standings here.

Greg Windmiller wins Meet #3 in Palatka

Saturday started off with the completion of the practice round and the first round of speed.  The old Florida state speed record was broken three times that morning.  Greg Windmiller followed by Warren Cleary during the practice round, and then again during the first round by Greg again posting the fastest time of the meet with 2.584 seconds.  The weather forecast for the day was for severe winds and boy were they!!  We went on a weather hold and around 2:30pm the competitors were released for the day. 

Sunday morning the competitors were walking the course before the sunrise with the first round of Zone Accuracy to begin at 7:00am.  There were battles for placing all over the score board. Places 7-10 were separated by only 23 points at the end.  Fifth and Sixth by three points, and the Gold and Silver were only three points apart after the final round.  The top spot on the leaderboard switched between Greg and Nick after each Round!!  The judges ability to get scores up after each round added to the excitement of the meet allowing competitors to know where they stand before going up for each jump.  After the final round was complete, Warren Cleary had clinched the Bronze, Nick Batsch had the silver, and US Army Golden Knight Greg Windmiller had the Gold.   

You can find the full meet scores here, or a photo album from the meet here

Special thanks to Skydive Palatka, and Performance Designs for their support of the meet.  The fourth meet in the series will be May 14 at the Raeford Parachute Center in North Carolina. 

See you all there!!!

2011 Meet #3 Practice Day


There were 15 competitors out for the practice day today.  The speed and zone accuracy courses were up for the day.  The forecast for tomorrow is a little windy in the afternoon.  We’ll be starting with the safety briefing at 8am tomorrow and then going immediately into the practice run, and then onto the speed event.  Here’s a bit of footage from todays practice runs.  You’ll want to watch til the end, there’s a funny one there…