PD’s Big Boy Pants 2011


2011 PD BBP Results

The FLCPA is proud to announce its 2011 Pro class event.  As competitors continue to push the limits of the canopy piloting discipline, the distances and speeds that we thought were previously unattainable continue to reached and exceeded. 

This *PRO only* invitational event will once again push the limits of what we think is possible.  For four days, the worlds top pilots will descend(or should I say ascend) on Longmont Colorado, the home of Mile-Hi skydiving center with one main goal-  Toppling the current FAI Distance and Speed world records.  As a second goal we will see dozens of individual national records toppled by participant.  With an invite list including participants from over a 12 countries, this event could be venue to establish 24 nations records and 2 international records.

The 2011 World Meet in Klatovy and the 2012 World Cup in Dubai will be very difficult venues to set new records due to their altitude.  If we’re successful of setting new records at this event, it’s likely that they will stand for 2-3 years or until another qualifying event is held at higher altitudes where the appropriate FAI and Nationally rated judges are brought together. 

Current Speed Record: Greg Windmiller 2.093 Second December 5, 2009South Africa

Current Distance Record:  Nicholas Batsch 181.70 Meters December 5, 2009 South Africa

Location: Mile-Hi Skydiving Center-Longmont, CO

Date:  July 28-31, 2011

Prize: Become a world record holder. (and if that wasn’t enough)

Prize $ to be announced in the coming weeks. And yes, its worth your time;-)

Events:  Distance & Speed & Accuracy

Hotel info: Click here

Registration:  Is being offered by invitation only to qualified US and International competitors.  Not a pro pilot yet?  A place will be reserved for the top overall amateur finisher of the FLCPA regular season. 

FMI: Albert Berchtold- skydivinal@yahoo.com

It’s the home run derby of swooping, so strap on your big boy pants and let’s see what you’ve got!

Confirmed Participants:

Jay Moledzki
Pablo Hernandez
Jonathan Tagle
Ian Bobo
Ian Drennan
Jessica Edgeington
Tommy Dellibac
JC Colclasure
Nick Batsch
Justin Thornton
Stuart Schoenfeld
Matt Shull
Dan Raymond
Dave Billings
Curt Bartholomew
Bryan Buechler
Edson Pacheco
Sergey Fedotov
Ryan Brownlow
Bart Rogowski
Hans Paulsen
Greg Windmiller
 John MinosJustin Price

Morris Friess


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