Arizona Skyhawks swoop competition $3000 prize purse

If your free next weekend you may want to plan a trip to Arizona, the Arizona Skyhawks are hosting a mini swoop meet during the Salt River Balloon Festival.  On April 9th the mini-meet will be out of a heli taking off from the baseball fields.  Each jumper will do three jumps from 2:30-5:00 and live judging will take place.  At the end of the jumps the winner will receive $1500 prize money and the remaining $1,500 will be paid down the next few places.

Their capping the entry at 30 jumpers so advanced registration is a good idea. 

FMI Contact: Tom Talbott 602-617-4464


Group Hotel info for PD Big Boy Pants

We’ve negotiated a group rate for the week during the PD Big Boy Pants event for the Marriot hotels in Longmont. The Residence Inn or Courtyart hotels will be available to those coming into town for the event at a discounted rate. For those who have been to this area your probably aware that the hotel costs are quite high. The rate for these hotels are normally $169-$179. You may use the link below to book our discounted rate of $120

You have a choice of 2 double beds at the Courtyard.  Or a suite at the Residence Inn with a Queen bed, sofa pull-out and hot breakfast.

ZHills Meet #2 wraps up on the new pond.

Greg Windmiller, Nick Batsch, Curt Bartholomew by:Jake Carlow

This past weekend 36 competitors gathered in Zephyrhills Florida for the second meet of the 2011 season. It was an even mix of competitors with 18 pro and 18 amateur competitors. The week started with the PD Factory Team training all week leading upto the meet. Saturday morning started about an hour behind schedule waiting for the fog to burn off. Once we got jumping tha pace continued rather quickly throughout the day, expecially with the dz hosting 40 ways at the same time. After two rounds of distance amateur Sergei Fedotov was in the lead. The zone accuracy event shuffled the crowd a bit, and the speed event was rather challenging with 13-14 mph headwinds by the later afternoon. We finished the meet by 6:00 and headed to the new Z-Hills bar to wait as the judges compiled the scores. The dropzone was nice enough to serve up a delicious italian buffet for all the competitors to enjoy.

ake Carlow

At the end of the meet Nick Batsch was in first, Greg Windmiller took the Silver medal, and Curt Bartholomew rounded out the top three. The complete scores for the meet can be found here.
After two meets Greg Windmiller seems to have a strong lead on the FLCPA overall placings, but it’s still anyones game.
Here’s a 3D video shot by during the meet. You need a pair of red/Cyan 3D glasses to view it. See you in Palatka for meet #3 in a few weeks!

Swoop Skydiving in 3D! from Brian Karr on Vimeo.

ZHills Meet #2 coming up this weekend!

The Pond is about 4x as big as it used to be here in Z-Hills.  The PD and PDFT inflatable course markers are up on the water, the windblades and tents are pondside, and the swoop is up!!! 

The sun is shining with light and variable winds not over 4mph in any direction today.  The sunny forecast is scheduled to hold throughout the weekend.

 The PD Factory team has been training since Sunday along with a handful of local swoopers.  Sven Jseppi & Katie Woods arrived this morning and there are competitors scheduled to arrive throughout the week. 

If your not here yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!

New course markers & Z-Hills expands their pond

We’re preparing for the second meet of the 2011 season and there’s quite a bit going on. The Dellibac’s have been working hard on the new pond at Z-Hills. The new body of water dwarf’s their old pond and is large enough to hold all the events.
If you remember the course markers we had at the end of the last season, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a new set on the way! The last few months have been spent working with manufacturers to develop a new marker for CP meets. Here’s a picture of the final prototype. Preregistration for Meet 2 is open and we’ll be practicing on the pond all week before the meet. See ya there!

USPA CP Nationals Date Change

Due to the World Cup of CP in Klatovy being scheduled to end 3 days before the beginning of USPA’s Nationals at Skydive Spaceland it was noticed that there was a conflict.  USPA reached out to this years Nationals host(Skydive Spaceland) to see if they would be able to change the dates for this years event to allow our US Team returning from the World Cup some time to get back in the right time zone and lick their wounds from kicking butt in Klatovy.  The Boyds were happy to oblidge and the new dates for USPA CP Nationals will be September 14-17.

Here’s the notice on USPA’s site:

See you all there!!!