2011 planning still in the works…

Hopefully you gusy have started filling out your vacation requests from work, or planning on how your going to call out sick now that you’ve got next years schedule.
Cash & Medals at each meet:  As we’ve done in past years, we’ll continue to have custom FLCPA medals for the top three finishers & a cash purse at each meet. In 2010 we awarded out just over $5,500 in cash. Thats big money yo!!  This year will be more of the same.  

2010 Medals and trophies

Overall Season Standings & Grand prize:  For those planning on coming out for multiple meets, we’ll track scores throughout the season for league members.  For 2010, we awarded trophies for the top three finishers & we covered registration and jumps at USPA Nationals for the top two placing competitors at the end of the season, Curt Bartholomew, and Warren Cleary. 

Stay tuned for…..

  • 2011 grand prize announcement…
  • Coach listings for the meets 
  • Winter training camps
  • 2011 *Pro* meets  

If your not yet pro qualified, check here to find out how to qualify for pro meets and get invited.


2011 Season Schedule Announcement!

Here we go!  Dropzone negotiations went very well this season.  Like I’ve mentioned to many of you, the process of scheduling our meets has changed quite a bit over the years.  When I first started calling dz’s 3 years ago to schedule our meets, I had to convince some of them that we weren’t going to run a muck and ruin their dropzone.  Swoop meets aren’t profitable, people are going to get injured, that doesn’t fit into our operation; these are a few of the concerns we were met with.  Over the years we’ve grown, and this process has changed quite a bit.  We run the league in a profesional manner, we’re as safe as any other skydiving event that involves hurdling yourself out of a plane, and we’re efficient for large or small dropzones to accomodate.  Instead of convincing dz’s to allow us to come to their dz, now we’re invited with open arms.

Buechler runs the accuracy course during FLCPA #5 at Skydive the Farm.

Without further delay here’s the 2011 FLCPA schedule and locations…

Meet #1 Skydive Deland January 29(pond)

Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 26(pond)

Meet #3 Skydive Palatka April 16

Meet #4 Raeford Parachute Center May 14(pond)

Meet #5 Skydive The Farm June 11(pond)