Poll Results

Hi Guys,
Here’s the results to date on the FLCPA locations poll for the 2011 season. If you haven’t voted, go ahead and place your vote!

Skydive The Farm (pond) 22%
Raeford Parachute Center (pond) 21%
Skydive City/Z-Hills (pond) 14%
Skydive Deland (possible pond)13%
Skydive Palatka 12%
Skydive Sebastian 9%
Air Adventures Clewiston 4%
Skydive Miami 3%
Skydive Coleman 3%
School of Human Flight-Talahassee 0 0%


2011 Meet locations?

STF under construction

There’s some improvements headed our way at Skydive the Farm.  It’s not the biggest pond in the US, but it’s certainly got character.  

  • Earlier this year they removed the large scary tree which some say blocked reasonable entry to most of the courses.  Affectionately known as “the widowmaker”. 
  • A few weeks ago they drained and dug out an additional 50 feet and squared up the corner of the pond in order to have a perpendicular shore line for the accuracy course. 
  • The excavated dirt from the pond was used to level out low-lying areas next to the pond. 
  • A 10M x 28M Accuracy pit next to the pond is being dug and filled with peas for impact absorbtion for Zone accuracy.
  • The hangar is being expanded to include additional bathrooms, classrooms, team rooms, and showers.

Here’s a couple pics of the pond under construction.