STF to host 2012 USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals

Earlier this month Hans Paulsen and I made the long haul up to Nashua, NH for the USPA summer board of directors meeting.  In hand Hans held a 13 page document that detailed how he would hope to host the Canopy Piloting Nationals in 2 years.  On Friday afternoon we met with the USPA competition committee to discuss his proposal and answer any questions or concerns they had about the dropzone, its facilities, and the proposed event. 

Saturday STF’s Bid would be presented to the full Board of Directors.  To prepare for what Hansy thought would be extremely stressful presentation, we decided to test his nerves by having him hold two scolding hot Main Lobsters while I fumbled around with the camera.  I don’t think Hans found it as entertaining as I did.  

On Saturday we stood in front of the full USPA Board to answer questions as his Bid was formally presented.  This was followed with a motion presented by the competition committee for STF to host the 2012 canopy piloting event.  The Board voted unanimously to approve Skydive The Farm as the host of Canopy Piloting Nationals in 2012!

In about six weeks the 2010 USPA CP nationals will be held at Skydive Spaceland.  Good luck to all those headed to take their shot at gold!!


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