Warren Cleary wins the 2010 season

FLCPA 2010 Season top 4

After the 5th and final FLCPA meet last weekend we closed out the season with the annual end of year BBQ on Saturday evening.  Taking top honors for the five meet series was amateur Warren Cleary who inched out pro Curt Bartholomew by only 2.5 points!!  Third place was grabbed up by PDFT member Ian Drennan.  As the top placing Amateur and Pro competitors Warren and Curt will have their jumps and registration pick up at nationals by the FLCPA.  This season was a blockbuster.  We graduated 20% of our Amateur competitors up to the pro class for next season.  Those top 4 Am’s were Warren Cleary, Sven Jseppi, “Shrinking” Steve Haseman, and Kritter Weiss.  Well deserved!!! See you guys on the five footers next year;-)

  The planning for 2011 is already underway and we’ve got a few new plans that should make the meets even better.  The full results for each of the seasons meets can be found on the meet archive page here.  The overall for the season can be found there as well.  Big thanks to this seasons supporters Performance Designs, and Liquid Sky Sports.

2010 Medals and trophies

Shane, Tommy, Micah, and Jessica

Eric & Jay crunching the scores between rounds


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