Greg Windmiller wins meet 5 at Skydive the Farm!!

Greg Windmiller wins at STF


This weekends meet was definitely a spectacular end to a great season.   Eighteen Pro and ten Amateur competitors for a total of 28 pilots began to arrive on Wednesday for the last meet of the season.  The temperatures were in the 90’s and the humidity was high.  The winds stayed under 4 mph for the practice and competition days.  

FLCPA Judges


The competition ran smoothly.  We started Saturday morning with Speed, then moved into zone accuracy, and ended the day with the distance event.  The meet remained close throughout the day.  After 4 rounds, the top 10 places were within 60 points of each other keeping the event open to anyone to take home a top spot right until the end.  During the first round of distance Jessica Edgington set a new Georgia state record at 123.07 meters.  This surpassed the previous state record held by her team mate, Ian Drennan at 119.02 meters.    

After the six rounds were complete, Greg Windmiller of the US Army Golden Knights stood victorious over the 27 other competitors.  He was followed closely behind by Curt Bartholomew by 7 points.  Third place was locked up by veteran swooper and Skydive the Farm pilot Kevin Love. 

Ian, Annie, and Kaiya


Bryan, Brian, Craig, and Scott


STF Spectators


Micah and Shane


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