2011 Planning

Micah Couch drags the accuracy course at STF 2010.

Now that the 2010 season is over I’m curious to hear any suggestions you guys may have.  Are there any locations you would like to see a meet next year? Any rule changes you’d like to see?  Any suggestions for how we can get everyone to show up on time for the briefing;-)  You can email me any ideas albertb@performancedesigns.com or leave a comment on this post if you want.

Also if you enjoyed the course markers we used this year, keep your fingers crossed.  PD is looking into the possibility of getting a few that are 10 foot tall.  If you appreciated the course markers they’ve allowed us to use and allowing me the time to help keep the leage going(sometimes during work hours, shh don’t tell), don’t hesitate to let them know by emailing support@performancedesigns.com


Warren Cleary wins the 2010 season

FLCPA 2010 Season top 4

After the 5th and final FLCPA meet last weekend we closed out the season with the annual end of year BBQ on Saturday evening.  Taking top honors for the five meet series was amateur Warren Cleary who inched out pro Curt Bartholomew by only 2.5 points!!  Third place was grabbed up by PDFT member Ian Drennan.  As the top placing Amateur and Pro competitors Warren and Curt will have their jumps and registration pick up at nationals by the FLCPA.  This season was a blockbuster.  We graduated 20% of our Amateur competitors up to the pro class for next season.  Those top 4 Am’s were Warren Cleary, Sven Jseppi, “Shrinking” Steve Haseman, and Kritter Weiss.  Well deserved!!! See you guys on the five footers next year;-)

  The planning for 2011 is already underway and we’ve got a few new plans that should make the meets even better.  The full results for each of the seasons meets can be found on the meet archive page here.  The overall for the season can be found there as well.  Big thanks to this seasons supporters Performance Designs, and Liquid Sky Sports.

2010 Medals and trophies

Shane, Tommy, Micah, and Jessica

Eric & Jay crunching the scores between rounds

Greg Windmiller wins meet 5 at Skydive the Farm!!

Greg Windmiller wins at STF


This weekends meet was definitely a spectacular end to a great season.   Eighteen Pro and ten Amateur competitors for a total of 28 pilots began to arrive on Wednesday for the last meet of the season.  The temperatures were in the 90’s and the humidity was high.  The winds stayed under 4 mph for the practice and competition days.  

FLCPA Judges


The competition ran smoothly.  We started Saturday morning with Speed, then moved into zone accuracy, and ended the day with the distance event.  The meet remained close throughout the day.  After 4 rounds, the top 10 places were within 60 points of each other keeping the event open to anyone to take home a top spot right until the end.  During the first round of distance Jessica Edgington set a new Georgia state record at 123.07 meters.  This surpassed the previous state record held by her team mate, Ian Drennan at 119.02 meters.    

After the six rounds were complete, Greg Windmiller of the US Army Golden Knights stood victorious over the 27 other competitors.  He was followed closely behind by Curt Bartholomew by 7 points.  Third place was locked up by veteran swooper and Skydive the Farm pilot Kevin Love. 

Ian, Annie, and Kaiya


Bryan, Brian, Craig, and Scott


STF Spectators


Micah and Shane

2010 Fight for top placing is on!!!

2010 FLCPA trophies

Below you’ll find the FLCPA standings after 4 meets and the race for the top FLCPA placing this season is far from over.  At first glance it may appear that Curt Bartholomew is going to take home top honors this year.  Last year Curt was at the top of the Amateur class, tied for first place overall with Greg Windmiller of the pro class.  But as you remember, the final placing for the season is the compilation of the competitors top four meets.    That puts Warren Cleary slightly ahead of Curt for the overall win, but only by a few points.  not far behind them is a very tight pack including Albert Berchtold, Ian Drennan, Scott Roberts, Kritter Weiss, and Sven Jseppi.  It’s certainly still anyone’s season. 

In the amateur class Warren Cleary looks to take home the top spot.  After that its a very tight race  between Kritter Weiss and  Sven Jseppi separated by  about 7 points when you drop their lowest scores.  Big Steve and Keith Creedy are all also still pretty darn close to the pack, down by about 20 points  and only about 5 points apart from each other coming into the last meet.  The final placings are all coming down to how everyone does at the Farm.  These guys are competing for the overall prizes as well as their pro classification which will be awarded to the top 20% of the amateur members of the season.   This year there’s approx 16 amateur members which means we’ll be graduating 4 of our amateur competitors up to the pro class at the end of this season.  

2010 FLCPA trophies

For the Pro class Albert Berchtold, Ian Drennan, Scott Roberts, and Curt Bartholomew all look to be in the running for top spot in their class.  Curt is coming into the last meet as the top scorer, but Albert, Ian, and Scott are all within 20 points of him after you drop Curt’s lowest score.  After a broken ankle in meet three its questionable whether Albert will be able to compete at the final meet, but with seasoned veterans like Ian Drennan of the PDFT and Scott Roberts of Slipstream, right up your ass Curt certainly doesn’t have this one in the bag yet.  

The last meet is sure to a great one next weekend.  We’re headed up to Skydive the Farm, home of Hans “the wreckingball” Paulsen, and the infamous “widowmaker”.  Here’s a link to the FLCPA 2010_After 4 meets for all you number crunchers. 

See ya next weekend!!

1 *Curt Bartholomew* 363.4
2 Kritter Weiss-Skydive Las Vegas 340.0
3 Sven Jseppi 336.5
4 *Mike Shatalov* Russian Mafia 328.8
5 *Kai Sherwood* 324.2
6 *Shane Shaffer*-Palatka 310.8
7 Warren Cleary 292.1
8 Brandon Coates 282.4
9 *Albert Berchtold* Performance Designs 282.2
10 *Ian Drennan* PD Factory Team 275.8
11 *Scott Roberts* Slipstream 268.0
12 Pia McFarland- The Ranch 259.8
13 Big Steve Haseman-STF 255.9
14 Keith Creedy- Palatka 250.5
15 *Kaz Sheeky* Slipstream 242.7
16 Army Dan Richarelson 222.3
17 Miki Baranowski-Talahassee 197.7
18 *Brian McNenney* Slipstream 195.2
19 *Greg Windmiller* Golden Knights 193.8
20 Thomas Dessert 191.7
21 David Bauer 186.0
22 Tadas Simonis 181.0
23 Michael Patterson 119.0
24 *Thomas Hughes*-Deland 95.2
25 *Brian Buechler* Gold Coast Swoop 87.4
26 Joe Ablen-GK 69.9
27 Art Shaffer-Palatka 67.0
28 Bill Schmitz 67.0