Meet #4 2010

This past month 32 competitors from the FLCPA gathered in Raeford North Carolina gathered for the 4th meet of the 2010 season.  The weather forecast for the weekend didn’t look too great early in the week, but as the weekend drew closer, that all changed and the weather was spectacular for Saturdays competition.  Light and variable winds for most of the day picked up a little later in the day for downwind conditions towards the end of the afternoon for some monster distance runs were thown down.  Brian McNenny from team Slipstream took the top distance setting a new North Carolina state distance record at 156 meters.  Fifteen pro competitors and Seventeen Amateur competitors finished up the practice run and the six competition jumps with time to spare before the sunset awards ceremony.  At the end of the day team Slipstream swept the top three places with Brian McNenney in First,  Scott Roberts in second place, and Stuart Schoenfeld rounding out the top three. 

Kai shows his packing skills

This months meet was Coached and Directed by Ian Bobo of the PD Factory Team while I’m recouping from last months injury.  Special thanks to our league sponsors Performance Designs and Liquid Sky.  And also ParacleteXP who donated 30 minutes of tunnel time for the top scoring competitor in in each event.  Those prizes went to Pia McFarland for her 90 in zone accuracy, Brian McNenney for his state distance record, and Stu Schoenfeld for the fastest speed run of the meet.

Stuart Shoenfeld, Slipstream

Here’s the full score sheet  from Meet #4.    And for those keeping track of the FLCPA league standings, I’ll be updating those and putting them up in a few days.

Next months meet will be held at Skydive the Farm in Georgia.  Hans is planning on holding a training camp the week preceeding the meet for those interested.  Marat and the crew from Dubai are already apparently planning on arriving on June 6th to take advantage of the pond.  Practice jumps from the otter that entire week before will be $15.00.  Competition jumps will be $17. 

Erika &Jeanie

After the meet is complete, we’ll be having the annual end of the season BBQ where we’ll award the medals for the meet, and the Trophies for the top performers of the season.  See you all there!!!

Curt goes for distance

Greg Windmiller from the Golden Knights goes for speed


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