FLCPA Standings after 3 meets

For those of you keeping track of the standings in this years FLCPA, here’s a little update.  Every season we track the standings of the members within the league.  For each meet that the league member competes in, they earn a specific # of points for their placing in that meet.  At the end of the season, we tally up all the points each member has accumulated, drop the lowest score for those who have made all five meets,  and come up with an overall season champion. 

* The top three overall are awarded trophies at the end of the season BBQ held at the 5th and final meet. 

*The top 20% of the amateur class will graduate to compete as pro pilots next season.

*In addition to the trophies, last season we covered the registration and jumps for USPA Nationals for the first runner up(Micah Couch) in the amateur class.  The top placing amateur(Curt Bartholomew) received a “free ride” to USPA Nationals.  The league covered their flight, hotel, registration, and jumps. 

For 2010 with the large # of pro’s competing in the league we changed it up a bit.  This year the top placing pro, AND the top placing amateur will have their jumps, registration, and hotel covered for the Last Big Splash(Pro only Invitational), or jumps and registration for USPA Nationals if we don’t have a Last Big Splash this season.

So here’s the standings after 3 meets.  You can follow the link below to see the breakdown by meet.  If you’ve been competing in the league and haven’t joined the league, just check in Al to join the league.

2010_After 3 meets

FLCPA Rank FLCPA Member Name After 3 Meets
1 Warren Cleary-STF 293.8
2 *Albert Berchtold* Performance Designs 282.2
3 *Curt Bartholomew* 276.5
4 *Mike Shatalov* Russian Mafia 256
5 *Kai Sherwood* 250.8
6 Kritter Weiss-Skydive Las Vegas 249
7 Sven Jesseppi 246.6
8 *Shane Shaffer*-Palatka 233.9
9 Brandon Coates 220.5
10 Miki Baranowski-STF 203.3
11 Pia McFarland- The Ranch 201.2
12 Thomas Dessert 200.4
13 Tadas Simonis 182.9
14 Big Steve Haseman-STF 174.8
15 *Kaz Sheeky* Slipstream 174.4
16 *Scott Roberts* Slipstream 172
17 Keith Creedy- Palatka 170
18 Army Dan Richarelson 137.2
19 *Greg Windmiller* Golden Knights 96.9
20 *Brian McNenny*- Slipstream 96.2
21 *Thomas Hughes*-Deland 97.2
22 *Brian Buechler* Gold Coast Swoop 90.4
23 Art Shaffer-Palatka 73.9
24 Joe Ablen-GK 74.9
25 Bill Schmitz 73


This weekend is the 4th of 5 meets in the 2010 season being held at Raeford Parachute Center.  Come on out and get some!!!


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