FLCPA meet #3 Palatka complete

Amateur Group

Earlier this month we finished our 3rd meet of the 2010 season which was held at Skydive Palatka.   Twenty five competitors showed up for this months meet.  We managed to finish all six competition rounds on Saturday before sunset.  The weather managed to hold out for entire day which is pretty unusual for us.  The only delay was a brief visit by the Putnam County paramedics to pick up a competitor with a broken ankle(yeah, it was me).  

After they scraped me up and got me out of the way, the 6th and final round was completed.  Pro Curt Bartholomew came away with the gold at the end of the day.  Silver went to me(Albert Berchtold) which was given to me by Jay when he picked me up at the hospital later that evening.  And the Bronze went to amateur Warren Cleary from Skydive the Farm.  Big thanks to: Art and Skydive Palatka. 2) the Skydive Palatka family for sharing their dropzone with us.  We’ve never had so many volunteer judges as this meet! 3) meet coach Jay Moledzki 4)Our league sponsors Performance Designs, and Liquid Sky

PD Course marker

 There were a few new things going on at this meet.  Those who were there notice we were using a new set of PD course markers which were loaned to us by Performance Designs.  PD recently decided to purchase these markers and allowed us to use them for the meet.  The new markers were by most who shared their opinion, the best course markers they’ve ever competed with.  For the first time(beer), the coursemarkers were EASY to see.

Second, our chief judge Eric has been working for the last few months on a new scoring program for the league.  This was the first meet it was ready for its trial run.  Eric spent most of his time between rounds behind the computer cleaning up the new Access database, and build reports to be able to give us results as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

This was also the first meet where we’ve had our own new custom medals for the winners!  YAY!  Let me know if you guys liked them and we’ll continue to get them for the 2011 season.   

You can click here to see more photo’s taken at the meet by one of the local photographers: http://www.avenfoto.com/flcpa_palatka/index_12.html

The next meet is at Raeford Parachute Center on the weekend of May 15th.  Eric and Kolla will be on hand as chief judges, and Ian Bobo will be the meet coach and stand in meet director while I’m healing.    

** Important Reminder -the Raeford DZ doesn’t accept credit cards so bring cash**

See you guys there!!!


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